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Highschool Coders

Do you want your kids to have a head start in their career and studies?

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Learn how coding and technology can help you get promoted sooner.
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FREE 'Get Started With Coding' Workshop

Are you looking to learn coding but don't know where to start? How about a free 2 hour workshop to get you going?

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Tech Education for Business

Coder Factory X has just launched Learn to Code workshops for business owners and professionals.

Coder Factory X


Workshops are 1 or 2 day weekend courses. They are designed to give you practical and relevant knowledge and to learn in a fun environment. You can use these skills as a base to progress further outside of class.

Part Time

Part Time courses are 12 week evening or Saturday classes. They're designed to take a beginner from little knowledge to competent coder. You will feel confident to take on any project after completing the course.

Fast Track

Fast Track is an accelerated 24 week programme that teaches you the skills for an exciting career in the tech industry. It's also ideal for those looking to launch their own web app or become a tech co-founder.

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Inside the Coder Factory


  • Learn to Code

    Learning to code is not rocket science. Anyone can do it.
    And it's FUN!


    Highschoolers can code too. The adults don't always have to have all the fun.

    Technology for Teachers

    Keep up with your students! And learn how to excite them with tech of the future.

  • Wordpress

    Learn to use Wordpress and build an amazing website using a theme and plugins.

    Web Design

    Learn to use HTML5 and CSS3 to build and devolop your own beautiful website.


Part Time

Learn to build web applications while you keep you day job.


Fast Track Full Time

Make a career change with our 24 week intensive full time courses.

Coder Factory wants to encourage more women to work in tech -
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