Coder Factory

No Prior Knowledge Required.

It’s all about empowering you.

Our vision, a technological utopia

We want the world to become a technological utopia. We envision machines and software providing for all of humankind's needs.

People won't need to work to survive, there will be no need for money, no more suffering, inequality or conflict.

Empowering you with the knowledge to create technology

This utopian dream is why the founder, Pete Argent, chose a technology career path - to do his part in bringing the world to this future.

He believes that to speed up our progress, more of us need to be empowered to create technology.

Embrace emerging technologies

Artificial intelligence, drones and Internet of Things are just a few technologies that are bursting into our everyday lives. Let us help demystify these new technologies and show you that you can incorporate them into your startup idea or business.

Learning is fun at Coder Factory
Emerging technologies can give you an edge.
We’ll teach you how to incorporate them in your idea.
A life changing journey

Learning to create technology is a life changing journey. You will experience self-development and growth and gain a new view on the world around you. Bring your excitement for technology and you will come to love the challenges that await you.

You don't need to be a genius to learn to code.

Coding is not just for geeks anymore. With modern programming tools and methods, anyone can do it, and it's fun! Bring your existing knowledge, skills and experience and add the power of technology creation - you will be unstoppable!

Building a better world with technology

We love being a part of a community of inspiring and smart people, building tech products and services that are making life better for others. We encourage you to join the movement and participate in our community events and workshops.